A Conversation At The Chemist

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Norwegian chemists are a bit different than what we have here in India. They are not privately run and only sell medicines. They have something common that the pharmacists in Norway and India give advice on everyday health problems.

Here is a conversation at the chemist in Norwegian.

Norwegian English
Apoteker: Kan jeg hjelpe deg?

Du: Jeg føler meg dårlig.
Chemist: Can I help you?

You: I feel bad.

Apoteker: Hva er galt?

Du: Jeg har vondt i hodet og feber.
Chemist: What is wrong?

You: I have a headache and fever.

Apoteker: Har du resept?

Du: Ja, vær så god.
Chemist: Do you have a prescription?

You: Yes, here you are.

Apoteker: OK. Her er medisinen.

Chemist: OK. Here is the medicine.

You: Thanks.

Apoteker: Du må ta det som skrevet på esken.

Du: Det skal jeg.
Chemist: You must take it as written on the box.

You: That I will.

Apoteker: Det blir 210 kroner.

Du: Vær så god.
Chemist: That will be 210 krones.

You: Here you are.

Apoteker: God bedring.

Du: Ha det.
Chemist: Get well soon.

You: Bye.

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