A Visit To The Library in Norwegian

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The Norwegian Library system was one of the things that really impressed me when I stayed in Norway. If you are in Norway and are learning Norwegian, then one of the best ways to get additional resources is to visit the library. Whenever possible I would borrow books written for children in Norwegian. There are books divided based on the age group of children and trying to read the simple ones really helps to improve Norwegian vocabulary and grammar.

Here are some of the rules that the libraries in Norway follow:

Norwegian English
Det er gratis å låne bøker, filmer, blader og musikk på biblioteket.
It is free to loan books, films, magazines and music at the library.
Det er gratis å bruke Internett på biblioteket.
It is free to use the Internet at the library.
Du kan låne 20 bøker på biblioteket.
You can borrow 20 books at the library.
Du kan ha bøkene i fire uker.
You can have the books for four weeks.
Du kan låne opptil fem filmer.
You can loan uptil five films.
Dersom du leverer bøker og filmer for seint, må du betale gebyr.
If you return books or films too late, you must pay fee.


You are at the library and you picked up some books. Now it’s time to visit the librarian to borrow them.

Norwegian English
Du: Hei, jeg vil gjerne låne disse bøkene.
You: Hi, I would like to borrow these books.
Bibliotekar: Har du lånekort?
Librarian: Do you have a membership card?
Du: Ja, det har jeg.
You: Yes, that I have.
Bibliotekar: Kan du taste koden din?
Librarian: Can you enter your code please?
Du: Ja, det gjør jeg.
You: Yes, that I will.
Bibliotekar: Her er bøkene dine.
Librarian: Here are your books.
Du: Tusen takk! Ha det.
You: Thank you! Bye.
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