Can You Tell About A Friend?

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Norwegian English
Kan du fortelle om en venn?
Can you tell about a friend?
Jeg har en venn som heter Linesh.
I have a friend called Linesh.
Han er fra Bhopal, India.
He is from Bhopal, India.
Han er en data ingeniør.
He is a sofware engineer.
Han jobber i Oslo.
He works in Oslo.
Han er gift.
He is married.
Han har ikke barn.
He does not have children.
Han har ei yngre søster som er gift.
He has one younger sister who is married.
Han liker å se på TV.
He likes to watch TV.
Han liker å spise sjokolade.
He likes to eat chocolate.
Han liker også å lære norsk.
He also likes to learn Norwegian.


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