Can You Tell About The Weather In Norway?

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Norwegian English
Kan du fortelle om været i Norge?
Can you tell about the weather in Norway?
Været i Norge kan være ganske kaldt.
The weather in Norway can be quite cold.
Det er fire årstider i Norge.
There are four seasons in Norway.
Nye blader spire om våren.
New leaves sprout in spring.
Det er varmt om sommeren.
It is warm in the summer.
Solen skinner mesteparten av dagen i sommer.
The sun shines most of the day in Summer.
Norge kalles midnattsolen .
Norway is called the land of the midnight sun.
Det kan være mye vind og regn i høst.
There can be lots of wind and rain in autumn.
Vinter kan være kaldt i Norge.
Winter can be cold in Norway.
Det kan bli ganske mørkt i vinter.
It can get quite dark in winter.
Været i Norge kan være ganske uforutsigbar.
The weather in Norway can be quite unpredictable.
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