Fill Your Personal Details in Norwegian

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While in Norway, you may need to fill in your personal details in some forms whether you apply for a bank account or a tax certificate or a change of address. Quite often the forms may be in Norwegian (unless you are lucky to get an English version).  So it’s quite useful to know some of the common terms used in the forms.

A form is known as skjema in Norwegian. And personalia means personal details.

Norwegian English Example
First name Knut
Last name Vik
Address Ibsensgate 3
Post number 4014
City Stavanger
Telephone number 51179803
Date of birth 03.01.1980
Country Norge
Marital status gift
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    Thank you so much for all your valuable info. Could you also post the necessary words to order something in Norwegian ? thanks a lot again. Have a nice day !

  2. Hei Kevin:
    Thank you so much for the words and the pronunciation examples. That´s really a good job.
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