How To Say Where You Live In Norwegian

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Let’s start off with some Norwegian words to help your vocabulary. These will help you tell your Norwegian friends where you live.

Norwegian English
 i byen
in the city
 i et land
in a country
 i et hus
in a house
 i en enebolig
in a cottage/bungalow
 i et rekkehus
in a row house
 i en leilighet
in an apartment
 på en hybel
in a room
 på en gård
on a farm

As you may have noticed, in Norwegian is similar to the in found in English. Also the in Norwegian is similar to the in/on in English. You just have to learn them based on the words they are used with.

To help you understand more clearly how to say where you live, here are a few phrases.

Norwegian English
 Vi bor i en stor enebolig i Oslo
We live in a big bungalow in Oslo
 Jeg bor i Tromsø nå
I live in Tromsø now
 Jeg bor på hybel
I live in a room
 Jeg bor i Kristiansand
I live in Kristiansand
 Jeg bor i en stor, fin leilighet i sentrum
I live in a big, fine apartment in the city centre
 Vi kommer fra Jæren sør for Stavanger
We come from Jæren south of Stavanger
 Vi bor på en gård
We live on a farm
 Vi bor i et rekkehus
We live in a row house

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