How To Travel By Train in Norway

Most parts of Norway are well connected by rail and the trains are handled by NSB (Norges Statsbaner AS). The trains are nice and comfortable and the tickets can be cheap especially if you book well ahead of your travel.


Here are a few Norwegian words you should know when you are travelling by train in Norway.

Norwegian English
Fra From
Til To
Ordinær Ordinary
voksen adult
barn child
rabatt discount
familierabatt family discount
pris price
tog train
togvogn train carriage
plass seat
vindu window
minipris low price NSB tickets
rutetabell schedule

Remember that you can get much cheaper tickets if you book well in advance. Minipris is an important word that you should remember while booking tickets. Tickets marked as minipris have the lowest cost available for that particular route.

You can book your tickets online, at the manned railway counters at some of the main stations or the automated ticket vending machines at all the stations.

On all the outstation trains there is a good kafe where you can get coffee, buns and snacks.

Children under 4 years can travel for free. Children between age 4 and up to 16 years can travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a regular ticket or they can buy a ticket for 50% of the regular cost.

There is also free Internet available on some of the train routes.

You can get a glimpse of the NSB trains in the video below.