Invite Your Friends To a Birthday in Norwegian

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It’s your birthday and you want to invite your friends to a birthday party. But before you can do that let’s learn some Norwegian vocabulary.

Norwegian English
  en fødselsdag

  en bursdag
a birthday

a birthday

  en gave
a gift
  en gjest
a guest
  en invitasjon
an invitation
  en sang
a song
  en ballong
a balloon
  ei kake
a cake
  et bursdagskort
a birthday card
  et bursdagsselskap

  et fødselsdagsselskap
a birthday party

a birthday party


In Norway, you can send an invitation to your friends as shown below.

Norwegian English
  Hei XYZ,
  Vil du komme i bursdagsselskapet mitt lørdag 7 desember klokka 18?
Will you come to my birthday party on Saturday the 7th of December at 6pm?
  Hilsen Kevin.
Regards Kevin.
  Adresse: Abc Road, Mumbai.
Address: Abc Road, Mumbai.
  Ring 8888888888 hvis du kan komme.
Call 8888888888 if you can come.


Things to mention in the invitation:

1) The date and time of the birthday party.

2) The address.

3) The telephone number.

4) Your name.


Norwegians are very particular about time. The party will start and end at the time mentioned in the invitation. So remember to be on time whether you are giving a party or attending one.

Now all your friends have come to your party and they will wish you,

Norwegian English
  Gratulerer med dagen!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

And sing this song for you,

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