Learn About Adverbs In Norwegian Part 1

We can say that an “adverb” is some additional information to a verb.


Difference between an adjective and an adverb

An adjective gives more information about a noun (or a pronoun) while an adverb gives more information about a verb. The below examples should make things more clearer.

Huset er pent.
The house is beautiful.Here pent tells something about the house(noun).

So it is an adjective.

Hun skriver pent.
She writes beautifully.Here pent tells something about the way of writing(verb).

So it is an adverb.

As you can see in the above explanation, an adverb in Norwegian can be made from the intetkjønn form of an adjective.


Below are a few examples of sentences using adverbs.

Hun skriver stygt.
She writes ugly.
Hun skriver sjelden.
She seldom writes.
 Han går fort.
He goes fast.
 Han går sakte.
He goes slow.
 De hopper høyt.
They hop high.
Hun skriver ikke.
She does not write.
Hun synger dårlig.
She sings badly.
Han kommer sikkert.
He will surely come.

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