Learn About Adverbs In Norwegian Part 2

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If you don’t know about adverbs in Norwegian, you should first read the following:

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Some of the Norwegian adverbs can be used for comparisons. These can further be broken down into regular and irregular forms.

Regular Adverbs for Comparison

Han går fort.

He goes fast.

Han går fortere.

He goes faster.

Han går fortest.

He goes fastest.

Hun skriver pent.

She writes beautifully.

Hun skriver penere.

She writes more beautifully.

Hun skriver penest.

She writes most beautifully.

Han går sakte.

He goes slowly.

Han går saktere.

He goes slower.

Han går saktest.

He goes slowest.

Hun skriver ofte.

She writes often.

Hun skriver oftere.

She writes more often.

Hun skriver oftest.

She writes most often.

Hun skriver stygt.

She writes ugly.

Hun skriver styggere.

She writes uglier.

Hun skriver styggest.

She writes ugliest.

Hun skriver sjelden.

She writes seldom.

Hun skriver sjeldnere.

She writes more seldom 

Hun skriver sjeldnest.

She writes most seldom.

Han skriker høyt.

He screams loud.

Han skriker høyere.

He screams louder.

Han skriker høyest.

He screams loudest.


Irregular Adverbs for Comparison

Han skriver bra.

He writes good.

Han skriver bedre.

He writes better.

Han skriver best.

He writes best.

Hun skriver vondt.

She writes bad.

Hun skriver verre.

She writes worse.

Hun skriver verst.

She writes worst.

Han spiser mye.

He eats much.

Han spiser mer.

He eats more.

Han spiser mest.

He eats most.

Hun spiser lite.

She eats little.

Hun spiser mindre.

She eats lesser.

Hun spiser minst.

She eats least.

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