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No matter which country you come from there are festivals to celebrate. You also celebrate birthdays, weddings, etc with your family and friends. Today we will learn some vocabulary and phrases about celebrations in Norwegian.

The most important festivals that I have seen in Norway were Christmas, New Year, Easter and The National Day.

During Christmas, Norwegians have around a week off where they celebrate with family and friends. Norwegians also enjoy holidays during Easter where many of them spend time with their family and friends in the mountain cabins. The National Day (or Constitution Day) is celebrated on 17th May where there is a children’s parade in most cities of Norway.

To begin with here are some words to add to your Norwegian vocabulary.

Norwegian English
en fødselsdag
a birthday
en dåp
a baptism
et bryllup
a wedding
new year
en høytid
a festival
en helligdag
a holiday
en nasjonaldag
a national day
en fest
a party
en invitasjon
an invitation
å feire
to celebrate
å gratulere
to congratulate
å takke
to thank
å invitere
to invite


And here are a few phrases to help you understand the vocabulary better.

Norwegian English
Gratulerer med dagen.
Happy Birthday.
Fødselsdagen min er på sekstende oktober.
My birthday is on 16th October.
Vi feirer jul og påske.
We celebrate Christmas and Easter.
Jul er en helligdag.
Christmas is a holiday.
Nyttår er ikke en høytid i India.
New Year is not a festival in India.
Vi hadde en fest til nyttår.
We had a party to the New Year.
Jeg fikk en invitasjon til sommerfesten.
I got an invitation to the summer party.
Du er invitert til bursdagen min.
You are invited to my birthday.
God jul og godt nyttår.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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