Learn About Conjunctions in Norwegian Part 1

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It’s been a while since our last adventures with Norwegian grammar. So welcome back. If you remember, the last few grammar lessons had something to do with pronouns (if you don’t remember then start learning about pronouns in Norwegian here). Let’s continue with learning about conjunctions in Norwegian.

So what is a conjunction?

If we recall a bit of grammar from our English class, a conjunction is a binding word. What this means is that it binds together words or sentences.

Below are some conjunctions that are used for binding.

Norwegian English

And below are examples of how they are used for binding.

Sentences Binding using conjunctions
De danset. De sang.

They danced. They sang.

De danset og de sang.

They danced and they sang.

De danset ikke. De sang.

They did not dance. They sang.

De danset ikke men de sang.

They did not dance but they sang.

De ville ikke danse. De ville synge.

They would not dance. They would sing.

De ville ikke danse for de ville synge.

They would not dance because they would sing.

Vil du danse? Vil du synge?

Will you dance? Will you sing?

Vil du danse eller vil du synge?

Will you dance or will you sing?


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