Learn About Emergency Situations in Norwegian

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An emergency situation is something which could be life threatening. Let’s learn some vocabulary for such situations in Norwegian.

Norwegian English
emergency situation
  å brekke
to break
  å svette
to sweat
emergency service
heart attack
  akutte smerter
acute pain
General Practitioner

In Norway, each person is assigned a fastlegen(General Practitioner) in his/her locality. In case of an emergency such as an accident or sickness, a person can be rushed to a legevakt(emergency service). They will examine the person and if necessary send him/her to the hospital.

Below are the emergency numbers used in Norway.

Norwegian English
  Brann : 110
Fire    : 110
  Politi   : 112
Police : 112
  Lege   : 113
Doctor: 113

Here is what you do when you face an emergency situation:

Norwegian English
  Ring riktig nummer.
Ring the correct number.
  Fortell hvem du er.
Tell who you are.
  Fortell hva som har skjedd.
Tell what has happened.
  Fortell hvor du er.
Tell where you are.
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  1. after I had learned Norwegian, I was walking on the U of O campus and a car came driving towards me, on fire. My brain came up with all sorts of words for fire / flames, but I honestly didn’t think about screaming BRANN! These are the kinds of situations you can’t really be prepared for! What do you say if a person falls overboard in a boat? Just let your imagination run freely and come up with lots of these situations.

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