Learn About Health in Norwegian

Most Norwegians take things seriously when it comes to their health. Most of them consume lots of vegetables in the form of salads. They also enjoy eating berries and fruits. Many Norwegians are physically active in a sport or exercises like walking, running, skiing, cycling, etc.

Below are some Norwegian words about health that you can add to your vocabulary.

Norwegian English
helse health
kosthold diet
fysisk aktivitet physical activity
sunn mat healthy food
usunn mat unhealthy food
å trene to train
grønnsaker vegetables
frukt fruits
bedre form good shape
fett fat
sukker sugar
vekt weight
en tur a walk
søvn sleep
hvile rest
sykling cycling
å svømme to swim
tredemølle treadmill

And here are some Norwegian phrases related to health.

Norwegian English
Jeg veier 60 kilo. I weigh 60 kilos.
Jeg spiller cricket. I play cricket.
Jeg spiser sunn mat. I eat healthy food.
Jeg er ikke overvektig. I am not overweight.
Jeg skal komme i bedre form. I shall come in better shape.
Jeg kan leve sunnere. I can live healthier.
En tur i frisk luft. A walk in fresh air.
Jeg trener seks dager i uka. I train six days in the week.
Jeg trener med vekter. I train with weights.
Jeg bruker tredemølle. I use the treadmill.
Jeg liker sykling. I like cycling.
Du må drikke mye vann. You must drink lots of water.
Du må spise frukt og grønnsaker. You must eat fruits and vegetables.