Learn About Hobbies and Activities in Norwegian

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Norwegians prefer to have a balance between work and life. Most Norwegians both young and old enjoy activities after their work. Sports, training and hobbies are an important part of a Norwegian’s life.

Let’s learn about the various hobbies and activities in Norwegian with a bit of vocabulary.

spare time
  en aktivitet
an activity
  en hobby
a hobby
  et håndarbeid
a handicraft
  å trene
to train
  å gå tur
to walk
  å fiske
to fish
  å spille
to play (a sport)
  å leke
to play (with a toy)
  å danse
to dance
  å lese bøker
to read books
  å se på TV
to watch TV
  å strikke
to knit
  å sy
to sew
  å tegne
to draw
  å male
to paint
  å lage mat
to prepare food
  å bake
to bake
  å fotografere
to photograph
  å ta bilder
to take pictures
  å reparere
to repair
art exhibition

Below are a few Norwegian phrases for your practice.

  Jeg skal gå på teater.
I shall go to the theater.
  Jeg skal gå på kino.
I shall go to the cinema.
  Jeg skal gå på museum.
I shall go to the museum.
  Jeg skal gå på kunstutstilling.
I shall go to the art exhibition.
  Jeg skal spille fotball.
I shall play football.
  Jeg skall spille kort.
I shall play cards.
  Jeg skal gå tur.
I shall go for a walk.
  Jeg skal trene.
I shall train.
  Jeg skal lese bøker
I shall read books.
  Jeg skal se på TV.
I shall watch TV.
  Jeg liker å være hjemme.
I like to be at home.
  Jeg drar på fisketur.
I go to a fishing trip.
  Jeg liker å høre på musikk.
I like to listen to music.
  Jeg liker å snakke med venner.
I like to talk with friends.

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