Learn About Norwegian Adjectives Part 2 – Hunkjønn

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We have started to learn about Norwegian adjectives since the last post. We learnt how the adjectives behave when used with the hankjønn nouns. It’s time to look at how to use the Norwegian adjectives with the hunkjønn nouns.

(If you don’t know about hankjønn and hunkjønn Norwegian nouns, learn more here.)

An example:

Ubestemt Entall (Indefinite Singular)

Norwegian English
Ei fin veske
nice purse

This is easy to understand as it is very similar to English.


Bestemt Entall (Definite Singular)

Norwegian English
Den fine veska
The nice purse

As you may have noticed, the bestemt entall form is a bit different when nouns are combined with adjectives.

Two rules can be learnt from this:

1. For the hunkjønn nouns, we add a Den before the adjective and an a attached after the noun (learn more here).

Den fine veska.

2. Marked in yellow, notice that we add an to the adjective.

Den fine veska.


Ubestemt Flertall (Indefinite Plural)

Norwegian English
mange fine vesker
Many nice purses

This follows the similar rule to the bestemt entall form where an e is attached to the adjective.


Bestemt Flertall (Definite Plural)

Norwegian English
de fine veskene
The nice purses

This is also a bit similar to the bestemt entall form where:

1. For the hunkjønn nouns, we add a De before the adjective and an ene attached after the noun (learn more here).

De fine bilene.

2. Marked in yellow, notice that we add an to the adjective.

De fine bilene.


Here are a few more adjectives along with a hunkjønn noun to get you more comfortable. The English definition of the adjective is in the brackets.

Entall (Singular) Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite) Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite)
ei fin(nice) veske
den fine veska
mange fine vesker
de fine veskene
ei ny(new) veske
den nye veska
mange nye vesker
de nye veskene
ei gammel(old) veske
den gamle veska
mange gamle vesker
de gamle veskene
ei rød(red) veske
den røde veska
mange røde vesker
de røde veskene
ei hvit(white) veske
den hvite veska
mange hvite vesker
de hvite veskene
ei dyr(expensive) veske
den dyre veska
mange dyre vesker
de dyre veskene
ei billig(cheap) veske
den billige veska
mange billige vesker
de billige veskene
ei moderne(modern) veske
den moderne veska
mange moderne vesker
de moderne veskene
ei norsk(Norwegian) veske
den norske veska
mange norske vesker
de norske veskene
ei stor(big) veske
den store veska
mange store vesker
de store veskene
ei lita(small) veske
den lille veska
mange små vesker
de små veskene

Notice the last entry in the table of adjectives above. lita is a special adjective that changes form a bit differently than the rest of the adjectives as seen.

Entall (Singular) Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite) Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite)
ei lita(small) veske
den lille veska
mange små vesker
de små veskene

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