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Since the last three posts, we have been learning about nouns in Norwegian. If you missed reading them then here they are,

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We learnt the important concept of the gender of Norwegian nouns i.e Hankjønn, Hunkjønn and Intetkjønn. We have seen that it is the article associated with a noun that helps us to understand it’s gender.

Want to know why I keep emphasizing on the gender and article of the nouns. Just look at the table below.

Entall (Singular) Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite) Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite)
 en gutt
 flere gutter
 ei dør
 flere dører
 et hus
 flere hus

All the words marked in bold are articles used in Norwegian. Observe that the article and position of the article changes based on whether the noun is singular or plural as well as whether the noun has a definite form or an indefinite form.

Don’t worry if you are finding all this a bit difficult to digest. I am just giving you an overview of what you can expect from Norwegian nouns and grammar. I will be helping you to understand all of the things mentioned in the above table in future posts. So subscribe to this blog and keep reading.

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  1. Deal all, reading the first lines about Norwegian nouns and articles I would like to ask for a clarification–The singular and the plural is different when a noun is definite and indefinite??
    Thank you?

  2. Hallo Kevin,

    I want to know more about the level A1 exam . How they asses the exam? The exam format, and the passing scores. kindly give guidance.

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