Learn About Nouns in Norwegian Part 3

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As you know from our previous posts, we are learning about nouns in Norwegian. We learnt that Norwegian nouns are based on gender. We learnt about Hankjønn (Male Gender) nouns and Hunkjønn (Female Gender) nouns. Now we will learn nouns with neutral gender, also known as Intetkjønn. The article used to identify the neutral gender noun, Intetkjønn is et.

Below are a few Intetkjønn nouns that you can learn and add to your vocabulary.

Norwegian English
 et hus
a house
 et slott
a palace
 et tak
a roof
 et barn
a child
 et føll
a foal
 et vindu
a window
 et bilde
a picture
 et teppe
a carpet
 et viskelær
an eraser
 et strykejern
an iron

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