Learn About Prepositions in Norwegian Part 1

Prepositions are something that tell us where one thing or person is in relation to another thing or person.

Some of the commonly used prepositions are shown below.

Norwegian English
over over
under under
etter after
fra from
gjennom through
rundt around
i in
til to
av of
ved by
hos with (person)
med with (thing)
blant among
mot towards
om about/in
foran front
for for

And here are a few Norwegian sentences to help you understand them clearly.

Norwegian English
Det er langt til toppen av fjellet. It is far to the top of the mountain.
Bordet står i hjørnet. The table stands in the corner.
Katten er foran stolen. The cat is in front of the chair.
Hunden ligger under bordet. The dog lies under the table.
Flyet går over fjellet. The plane goes over the mountain.
Det er en flaske bordet. There is a bottle on the table.
Hun ser gjennom vinduet. She sees through the window.
Husene ligger ved siden av hverandre.  The houses lie beside each other.
Det er viktig å lære om ting. It is important to learn about things.
Jeg ser deg om en time. I’ll see you in an hour.