Learn About Prepositions in Norwegian Part 2

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Prepositions are something that tell us where one thing or person is in relation to another thing or person.

If you don’t know what prepositions in Norwegian are, you should begin by reading:

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Let’s learn about some prepositions that tell about the place where someone or something is or goes. This lesson focuses on the preposition i.

Norwegian English
Jeg bor i Mumbai.
I live in Mumbai.
Hun bor i Delhi.
She lives in Delhi.
Jeg er i Chennai.
I am in Chennai.
Hun er i parken.
She is in the park.
Jeg er i banken.
I am in the bank.
Hun er i kirken.
She is in the church.
Jeg er i teatret.
I am in the theater.
Hun er i butikken.
She is in the shop.
Jeg er i garasjen.
I am in the garage.
Jeg skal i kirken.
I am going to the church.
Hun skal i banken.
She is going to the bank.
Jeg skal i parken.

Jeg skal gå i parken.
I am going to the park.

I am going to walk in the park.

Hun skal i teatret.
She is going to the theater.
Jeg skal i butikken.
I am going to the shop.
Hun skal i garasjen.
She is going to the garage.
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