Learn About Prepositions in Norwegian Part 4

Prepositions are something that tell us where one thing or person is in relation to another thing or person.

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Let’s continue learning about some prepositions that tell about the place where someone or something is or goes. In the last post, we learnt about the preposition . This lesson focuses on the preposition til.

Til in Norwegian translates to to in English as you can see in the examples below.

Jeg skal til India.
I will travel to India.
Jeg skal reise til India.
I will travel to India.
De reiste til Mumbai.
They travelled to Mumbai.
Han skal til fjells.
He will go to the mountains.
Jeg skal gå til sjøs.
I will go to the sea. (I will be a sailor).
Jeg sendte blomster til hun.
I sent flowers to her.
Kan du ringe (til) meg i morgen?
Can you call me in the morning?
Kan du komme til meg i morgen?
Can you come to me in the morning?
Denne maten er til deg.
This food is to you.

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One thought on “Learn About Prepositions in Norwegian Part 4

  1. Louis Janus

    the examples above of “til+ —s” like til sjøs and til fjells are remnants of the Old Norse construction where each preposition had specific cases of the noun that followed. Til was always followed by the genitive case. There are a few more examples, which must just be memorized: til bords, til havs, til topps, til bunns (see


    Other than these historical oddities, Norwegian prepositions do not require specific forms.


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