Learn About Pronouns in Norwegian Part 1

A pronoun is called as pronomen in Norwegian. A pronoun is something that can be used in place of a noun. Pronouns are one of the most important part of the grammar and you should learn these well.

Below are some examples:

Norwegian English
Han(pronomen) spiser frokost.
He(pronoun) eats breakfast.
Hun(pronomen) kjører bil.
She(pronoun) drives car.
Han(pronomen) leser boka.
He(pronoun) reads the book.


Pronouns can be classified into groups. In this lesson, we will learn about the first group known as personal pronouns.

Personlige pronomen

Personal pronouns as the name implies means that they represent people (or living things). They can be classified as subject form or object form as shown below. Learn these well because you will use them a lot in your Norwegian conversations.


Norwegian English
Jeg spiser.
I eat.
Du spiser.
You eat.
Han spiser.
He eats.
Hun spiser.
She eats.
Den spiser.
It eats.
Det spiser.
It eats.
Vi spiser.
We eat.
Dere spiser.
You(plural) eat.
De spiser.
They eat.

You may have noticed that Den/Det represent It. Which one to use is based on the gender of the nouns. For Hankjønn/Hunkjønn nouns, you use Den. For Intetkjønn nouns, you use Det. For more details you can Learn About Nouns in Norwegian.


Norwegian English
Peter hjelper meg.
Peter helps me.
Peter hjelper deg.
Peter helps you.
Peter hjelper ham.
Peter helps him.
Peter hjelper henne.
Peter helps her.
Peter hjelper den.
Peter helps it.
Peter hjelper det.
Peter helps it.
Peter hjelper oss.
Peter helps us.
Peter hjelper dere.
Peter helps you(plural).
Peter hjelper dem.
Peter helps them.

As mentioned earlier Den/Det represent It and which one to use is based on the gender of the nouns. For Hankjønn/Hunkjønn nouns, you use Den. For Intetkjønn nouns, you use Det. For more details you can Learn About Nouns in Norwegian.

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