Learn About Pronouns in Norwegian Part 2

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A pronoun is called as pronomen in Norwegian. A pronoun is something that can be used in place of a noun. Pronouns are one of the most important part of the grammar and you should learn these well.

If you are not familiar with a pronoun, you should start from:

  1. Learn About Pronouns in Norwegian Part 1

Let’s continue with our lessons on pronouns. We have already learnt about personal pronouns in part 1. This lesson shows the ownership group of pronouns.


As the name implies this group of pronouns shows the ownership (eiendom). Below are some examples:

Huset er mitt.
The house is mine.
Katten er din.
The cat is yours.
Boka er hans.
The book is his.
Bøkene er våre.
The books are ours.
Bøkene er deres.
The books are yours.

These pronouns rely heavily on the gender of the nouns. So if you are not familiar with them you must Learn About Nouns in Norwegian and Learn About Norwegian Nouns and Articles.

Below are examples of the 1st person use of ownership pronouns. The English translations are not the best but I hope you understand what it means.


Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
min hund

my dog

hunden min

the dog mine

mine hunder

my dogs

hundene mine

the dogs mine

vår hund

our dog

hunden vår

the dog ours

våre hunder

our dogs

hundene våre

the dogs ours



Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
mi veske

my purse

veska mi

the purse mine

mine vesker

my purses

veskene mine

the purses mine

vår veske

our purse

veska vår

the purse ours

våre vesker

our purses

veskene våre

the purses ours



Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
mitt hus

my house

huset mitt

the house mine

mine hus

my houses

husene mine

the houses mine

vårt hus

our house

huset vårt

the house ours

våre hus

our houses

husene våre

the houses ours

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