Learn About Pronouns in Norwegian Part 3

A pronoun is called as pronomen in Norwegian. A pronoun is something that can be used in place of a noun. Pronouns are one of the most important part of the grammar and you should learn these well.

If you are not familiar with a pronoun, you should start from:

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Let’s continue with our lessons on ownership group of pronouns. We have already learnt about the 1st person use of ownership pronouns. Below are examples of the 2nd person use of ownership pronouns. The English translations are not the best but I hope you understand what it means.


Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
din hund

your dog

hunden din

the dog yours

dine hunder

your dogs

hundene dine

the dogs yours

deres hund

your(plural) dog

hunden deres

the dog yours(plural)

deres hunder

your(plural) dogs

hundene deres

the dogs yours(plural)



Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
di veske

your purse

veska di

the purse yours

dine vesker

your purses

veskene dine

the purses yours

deres veske

your(plural) purse

veska deres

the purse yours(plural)

deres vesker

your(plural) purses

veskene deres

the purses yours(plural)



Entall (Singular)Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)Ubestemt (Indefinite)Bestemt (Definite)
ditt hus

your house

huset ditt

the house yours

dine hus

your houses

husene dine

the houses yours

deres hus

your(plural) house

huset deres

the house yours(plural)

deres hus

your(plural) houses

husene deres

the houses yours(plural)

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