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I don’t know about you but I like to travel. Many a times I enjoy the journey even more than the destination. I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to travel to Norway and found it fascinating. The natural beauty there has to been seen to be experienced.

It seemed like most Norwegians liked to plan holidays and travel whether it is to the mountains (or the Alps) to ski or to the southern parts of Europe (or Asia) to enjoy the weather. So the next time you get an opportunity to cook up a conversation with a Norwegian, make sure to bring up the subject of travel and in most cases you will not get disappointed.

Let’s add a bit of Norwegian words to our vocabulary.

Norwegian English
et hav
a sea
en fjord
a fjord
en innsjø
a lake
ei elv
a river
en kyst
a coast
ei øy
an island
ei strand
a beach
et fjell
a mountain
en dal
a valley
en vei
a road
en motorvei
a highway
en jernbane
a railroad
et tog
a train
en tunnel
a tunnel
et fly
an airplane
et helikopter
a helicopter
en flyplass
an airport
et skip
a ship
en båt
a boat
ei ferje
a ferry
en skog
a forest
en ferie
a holiday
holiday plans
holiday memories


And here are a few sentences for your practice.

Norwegian English
Jeg skal ta fly til Oslo.
I shall take the plane to Oslo.
Fly er raskere enn tog.
The plane is faster than the train.
Du skal reise med tog til Sverige.
You shall travel by train to Sweden.
Jeg vil bestille en billett til Mumbai.
I will book a ticket to Mumbai.
Jeg har vært i Tromsø.
I have been to Tromsø.
Jeg var på et høyt fjell some heter Kjerag.
I was on a high mountain called Kjerag.
Jeg skal gå på fjordturen.
I shall go on a fjord trip.
Liker du å slappe av på stranda?
Do you like to relax on the beach?
Du må kjøre forsiktig på motorvei.
You must drive carefully on the highway.
Jeg har vakre ferieminner av reise.
I have beautiful memories of the trip.


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