Learn More Norwegian Words For Things Around The House

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Do you own your own house? Or you you stay in a rented one? Perhaps it is a large cottage. Or maybe it is a small apartment. Whether you are happy (or unhappy) with your house, here is a chance to cook up a conversation with your Norwegian friends.

We have already added a few Norwegian words for things around the house to our vocabulary. Go learn those and then come back here to learn some more.

Norwegian English
et søppelspann
a garbage can
ei inngangsdør
a front door
ei stue
a living room
et soverom
a bedroom
et kjøkken
a kitchen
et toalett
a toilet
en enebolig
a cottage
et rekkehus
a row house
en leilighet
an apartment
et gjerde
a fence
en lekeplass
a playground
en garasje
a garage
ei takrenne
a gutter
ei trapp
a staircase
en garderobe
a wardrobe
en ovn
an oven
å eie
to own
å leie
to rent
å flytte
to move


And now let’s set up some phrases to help you with your conversation.

Norwegian English
Jeg flytter til et nytt hus.
I am moving to a new house.
Jeg eier en pen enebolig.
I own a nice house.
Du kan leie et lite rekkehus.
You can rent a small row house.
Huset mitt har to toaletter.
My house has two toilets.
Gå ned trappa til kjøkkenet.
Go down the stairs to the kitchen.
Jeg bor i en stor leilighet.
I live in a big apartment.
Det har et soverom og et bad.
It has a bedroom and a bathroom.


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