Learn Norwegian Question Words

One of the best ways to have a conversation is to ask questions. And you can’t ask questions without question words. While you learnt how to introduce yourself in Norwegian, you learnt the two question sentences:

Hva heter du?

Hvor kommer du fra?

Below are some of the words in Norwegian that will help you frame questions and improve your conversation. Don’t worry too much about the sentences. They are just examples and we will learn more about them later on. Just get comfortable with the question words in Norwegian and their English equivalents.

Norwegian English
 Hva heter du?
What are you called?
 Hvem er du?
Who are you?
Hvor er jeg?
Where am I?
 Hvor mange er det?
How many is it?
 Hvordan har du det?
How do you have it?
 Når kommer toget?
When comes the train?
Hvilken buss er den?
Which bus is it?
 Hvorfor er det svart?
Why is it black?

Here is a video for you to learn the question words more quickly. For more video lessons and practice tests, please visit Norwegian Class 101.

The best way to learn Norwegian is to memorize words. And question words are so frequently used that it is worth the effort to learn them. I sound like my old English teacher but I hope you got the point. So happy learning!

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