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One of the best ways to have a conversation is to ask questions. And you can’t ask questions without question words. While you learnt how to introduce yourself in Norwegian, you learnt the two question sentences:

Hva heter du?

Hvor kommer du fra?

Below are some of the words in Norwegian that will help you frame questions and improve your conversation. Don’t worry too much about the sentences. They are just examples and we will learn more about them later on. Just get comfortable with the question words in Norwegian and their English equivalents.

Norwegian English
 Hva heter du?
What are you called?
 Hvem er du?
Who are you?
Hvor er jeg?
Where am I?
 Hvor mange er det?
How many is it?
 Hvordan har du det?
How do you have it?
 Når kommer toget?
When comes the train?
Hvilken buss er den?
Which bus is it?
 Hvorfor er det svart?
Why is it black?

Here is a video for you to learn the question words more quickly. For more video lessons and practice tests, please visit Norwegian Class 101.

The best way to learn Norwegian is to memorize words. And question words are so frequently used that it is worth the effort to learn them. I sound like my old English teacher but I hope you got the point. So happy learning!

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14 Replies to “Learn Norwegian Question Words”

  1. I lived in Norway 11 years ago and this is the first time I have looked at the Norwegian language…I cant believe how helpful this has been and come to realize I know more Norwegian then I tough..

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for the comment. Glad this lesson could be useful to you. Keep learning Norwegian, it’s not as hard as it looks 🙂

    1. If I understand correctly that translates too.

      Hi,I am Mirjana,I come from Bosnia,I was born in norway. Im trying to learn norwegian.

      I think I got it a little twisted,but I have a general idea of what this means.

  2. Lykke til a laere norsk…dose this mean like that you learn Norsk ? and how do I get the ae together on computer ? also the circle on top of the a ?

  3. I have to say that I approve of the way you word the English translations. It’s very helpful. Some websites just use the best equivalent phrase in English, which can lead to a lot of confusion! I love to know the exact way in which it translates, as it better equips me to use the Norwegian words again in the right context!

  4. hei..i am married to a norwegian man,but now im here in my home country phil.waiting my papers,but my husband wanted me to learn norwegian language though i have translator on my fone.but he is translation is not good so i am happy and followed you guys.tusen takk,looking forward to learn more from you :-).
    God dag 🙂

  5. jeg bor i India,jeg begynner å laerer Norsk språk i dag.Jeg laeret Tysk, polsk, francsk…i was curious to learn Norwegian from long time,het er veldig vakker språk, i hope what i wrote is right in Norwegian, may i ask, do languages take neutral case, or it differs in Norwegian?

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