Learn Norwegian Sentences For Shopping Food

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It’s your wife/husband’s birthday and you want to bake a super delicious, awesome, best in the world chocolate cake for her/him. So you go to  Kiwi (one of the Norwegian food chains) to shop the things you need.

(Wanna add some super cool food words to your Norwegian vocabulary? You can find some here.)

You search for eggs but cannot find them. You stand there wondering what to do when you see a store employee. Great! Now you just need to go and ask him about the eggs. Here’s how.

Norwegian English
Du: Unnskyld, kan du hjelpe meg?
You: Excuse me, can you help me?
Ansatt: Ja, det kan jeg.
Employee: Yes, I can do that.
Du: Hvor finner jeg egg?
You: Where can I find eggs?
Ansatt: Der borte, i kjøledisken.
Employee: There in the freezer.
Du: Takk for hjelpen.
You: Thank you for the help.
Ansatt: Vær så god.
Employee: You’re welcome.

OK. Now you know where the eggs are. The rest of the things are easy to find. You take the flour, the butter, the sugar and other stuff for the baking. But wait a minute, the price tag is missing on the sugar. So you once again catch up with the friendly employee.

Norwegian English
Du: Unnskyld, hvor mye koster det?
You: Excuse me, how much does it cost?
Ansatt: Det koster 20 kroner.
Employee: It costs 20 krones.
Du: Takk!
You: Thank you.
Ansatt:  Ingen årsak.
Employee: You’re welcome.

Happy with your shopping, it’s time to head for home. So you go to the cash register to pay for the things. Here’s how it usually goes.

Norwegian English
Du: Hei.
You: Hi.
Ansatt: Hei.
Employee: Hi.
Ansatt: Det blir 150 kroner.
Employee: That will be 150 krones.
Ansatt: Vil du betale med kort?
Employee: Will you pay with card?
Du: Nei, kontant. Vær så god.
You: No, cash. Here you are.
Ansatt: Vil du ha pose?
Employee: Will you have a bag?
Du: Ja, takk.
You: Yes, thank you.
Ansatt: Kvitteringen?
Employee: Receipt?
Du: Nei, takk.
You: No, thank you.
Ansatt: Ha det!
Employee: Bye!
Du: Ha det!
You: Bye!

Note that in Norway plastic bags are not free and cost money. This varies in the different stores. There is also no MRP (Maximum Retail Price) in Norway. The price of a thing can vary greatly in different shops. So stay sharp and save money!

You may also want to check with your bank if there are any charges when you pay by card. If there are, paying by cash is a better option unless you really enjoy shopping with cards.

Hope you have a great time baking your cake. Of course, it will be a super duper, delicious, out of this world cake. And you will be a great Norwegian learner!

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