Learn Norwegian Sentences For The Dinner Table

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Here is how you learn norwegian words for food and this is how you learn norwegian sentences for shopping food. It’s time to learn a few sentences that will help you impress your Norwegian friends while having lunch or dinner.

Forsyn dere.
Help yourselves.
Hva vil du ha å drikke?
What will you have to drink?
Kan jeg få brus?
Can I get soda?
Jeg vil gjerne ha et glass jus.
I would like to have a glass of juice.
Jeg har lyst på vann.
I have desire for water.
Er du forsynt?
Are you satisfied?
Jeg er mett.
I am full.
Det var godt.
That was good.
Takk for maten!
Thank you for the food!


Let’s learn a bit more about some key sentences and phrases.

1. Kan jeg få… (Can I get…)

This is a polite phrase when asking for something that you want.

Norwegian English
Kan jeg få et glass melk?
Can I get a glass of milk.


2. Jeg vil gjerne ha… (I would like to have…)

This is a polite phrase to tell someone what you would like to have.

Norwegian English
Jeg vil gjerne ha en kopp kaffe.
I would like to have a cup of coffee.


3.Vil du ha… (Will you have…)

A phrase to ask someone if they would like to have something.

Norwegian English
Vil du ha brød?
Will you have bread?


4. Takk for maten! (Thank you for the food!)

Remember to thank your Norwegian friends when it’s time to leave after that wonderful lunch/dinner.

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  1. Been self-studying norwegian language for 2mos now using some app but your site is really helpful. Tusen takk. I can undesrtand know clearly how every word is being used. Thank you very much. Mabuhay!

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