Learn Norwegian Words For Things Around The House

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Here are some words to add to your Norwegian vocabulary. This time they are words for things you find in and around the house.

Norwegian English
 i et rom
in a room
 i et hus
in a house
 i en hage
in a garden
 et soverom
a bedroom
 ei seng
a bed
 et skap
a cupboard
 ei pute
a pillow
 ei dyne
a mattress
 et kjøkken
a kitchen
 et kjøleskap
a refrigerator
 et kjøkkenbord
a kitchen table
 en komfyr
an oven
 en vask
a wash basin
 et bad
a bathroom
 en do
a commode
 en dusj
a shower
 en vask
a wash basin
 et speil
a mirror
 ei stue
a living room
 et salongbord
a coffee table
 en sofa
a sofa
 en lenestol
a chair
 ei bokhylle
a book rack
 en hage
a garden
 et tre
a tree
 en terrasse
a terrace
garden furniture

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