Learn Some Norwegian Phrases For Comparison

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In English, we use phrases that make use of comparisons with animals. For example, “hungry as a wolf”, “tears of a crocodile”, “cunning as a fox”, etc. Similar phrases are also used in Norwegian as shown below.

Norwegian English
 Er du frisk som en fisk?
Are you fresh as a fish?
 Er du flittig som en maur?
Are you industrious as an ant?
 Er du trofast some en hund?
Are you loyal as a dog?
 Kan dere være stille som mus?
Can you be still as mice?
 Er du klok som ei ugle?
Are you wise as an owl?
 Er du sterk som en bjørn?
Are you strong as a bear?
 Er du lur som en rev?
Are you smart as a fox?
 Er du sulten som en ulv?
Are you hungry as a wolf?

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