Learn The Names of Countries in Norwegian

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Here is how we speak the names of different countries in Norwegian. You will also find words used for the languages spoken in those countries. Note that we do not begin the names of the languages with a capital letter as we do in English.

Land (Country) Språk (Language)
Norge (Norway)
norsk, samisk (Norwegian, Sami)
Storbritannia (Great Britain)
engelsk (English)
USA (United States)
engelsk (English)
Australia (Australia)
engelsk (English)
Frankrike (France)
fransk (French)
Tyskland (Germany)
tysk (German)
Polen (Poland)
polsk (Polish)
Tyrkia (Turkey)
tyrkisk (Turkish)
Spania (Spain)
spansk (Spanish)
Peru (Peru)
spansk (Spanish)
Venezuela (Venezuela)
spansk (Spanish)
Portugal (Portugal)
portugisisk (Portugese)
Brasil (Brazil)
portugisisk (Portugese)
Mosambik (Mozambique)
portugisisk (Portugese)
Irak (Iraq)
arabisk (Arabic)
Libanon (Lebanon)
arabisk (Arabic)
Iran (Iran)
persisk (Persian)
Pakistan (Pakistan)
urdu, panjabi (Urdu, Punjabi)
Myanmar (Myanmar)
burmesisk, chin, karensk (Burmese, Chin, Karen)
Thailand (Thailand)
thai (Thai)
Vietnam (Vietnam)
vietnamesisk (Vietnamese)
Kina (China)
mandarin, kantonesisk (Mandarin, Cantonese)
Tanzania (Tanzania)
swahili (Swahili)
Somalia (Somalia)
somali (Somali)
Etiopia (Ethiopia)
amharisk (Amharic)
India (India)
engelsk, hindi (English, Hindi)
Hellas (Greece)
gresk (Greek)
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