Learn To Pay The Bill in Norwegian

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Oslo is one of the most expensive city in the world. And you had a lot of fun last evening. Now the credit you took is due and it’s time to pay the bill.

Most manual work especially in banks tends to be expensive in Norway. So you have the option to pay your bills online which is the cheapest. Or the other option is to go to the bank.


So you’re at the bank and there is a long queue. You take a ticket and wait for your turn.

Norwegian English
Funksjonæren: Vær så god?

Du: Jeg vil gjerne betale en regning.
Officer: Please?

You: I would like to pay a bill.

Funksjonæren: Du må skrive kontonummeret ditt.

Du: Det har jeg glemt.
Officer: You must write your account number.

You: That I have forgotten.

Funksjonæren: Kan jeg få se legitimasjon?

Du: Vær så god.
Officer: Can I see your legitimation?

You: Here you are.

Funksjonæren: Du må betale 100 kroner i gebyr.

Du: Vær så god.
Officer: You must pay 100 krones as fee.

You: Here you are.

Funksjonæren: Det er billigere å bruke nettbank.

Du: OK. Takk for rådet.
Officer: It is cheaper to use netbanking.

You: OK. Thanks for the advice.

Funksjonæren: Ha det!

Du: Ha det!
Officer: Bye!

You: Bye!

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In Norway, they also use a bankgiro to pay money from your account to another account. A typical bankgiro looks like as shown.



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