Learn To Read House Advertisements in Norwegian

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When I lived in Oslo, one of the most difficult tasks I found was to find an apartment on rent. Being foreigners, it was especially tricky to get an apartment because we didn’t know where to search. Some of our friends suggested to try websites like http://www.finn.no/.

These sites are really useful to search for the apartments. But the problem was that the the advertisements were completely in Norwegian. Sure you could just use Google Translate to make things easier but we are here to learn some Norwegian.

Here is how a typical advertisement for a house on rent looks like.

Norwegian English
2 roms leilighet med sjøutsikt.
2 rooms apartment with seaview.
Område er 70m2.
Area is 70m2.
Leie per måned: 10000
Rent per month: 10000
Ikke møblert.
Not furnished.
Med hvitvarer.
With appliances.
Strøm ikke inkludert.
Electricity not included.
Depositum: 3 måned
Deposit: 3 months
Antall soverom: 1
Total bedrooms: 1
Leieperiode: 28.01.2013 – 31.01.2014
Rent period: 28.01.2013 – 31.01.2014
Cable TV
Broadband connection
Visning: tirsdager 17:00 – 18:00
Visits: Thursdays 17:00 – 18:00
Telefon: 23232323
Phone: 23232323

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