Learn Words About Transportation In Norwegian

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In this post you will learn some words and phrases about transportation in Norwegian.

en bil
a car
en buss
a bus
en båt
a boat
en trikk
a tram
et tog
a train
et fly
a plane
en sykkel
a bicycle
en sjåfør
a driver
en passasjer
a passenger
et skilt
a sign
et lyskryss
a traffic signal
en vei
a road
en billett
a ticket
en kø
a queue
en rutetabell
a timetable


Below are some phrases about transportation in Norwegian

Barn sykler til skolen.
Children cycle to the school.
Jeg tar t-banen.
I take the subway.
Jeg tar bussen.
I take the bus.
Jeg går til jobben.
I walk till the workplace.
Jeg kjører bil.
I drive a car.
Jeg kjøper bilett på bussen.
I purchase a ticket on the bus.

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