Let’s Learn Some Numbers in Norwegian

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We use numbers a lot in our every day lives especially when we are buying (or selling) stuff at the stores. Just as in any other language, numbers in Norwegian are one of the most important (and easy) things to learn. You just need to learn them as is.

By the way, tall means numbers in Norwegian. So without further adieu, here are some numbers in Norwegian.

 1 en
 11 elleve
 21 tjueen
 40 førti
 2 to
 12 tolv
 22 tjueto
 50 femti
 3 tre
 13 tretten
 23 tjuetre
 60 seksti
 4 fire
 14 fjorten
 24 tjuefire
 70 sytti
 5 fem
 15 femten
 25 tjuefem
 80 åtti
 6 seks
 16 seksten
 26 tjueseks
 90 nitti
 7 sju
 17 sytten
 27 tjuesju
 100 hundre
 8 åtte
 18 atten
 28 tjueåtte
 101 hundre og en
 9 ni
 19 nitten
 29 tjueni
 500 fem hundre
 10 ti
 20 tjue
 30 tretti
 1000 tusen

Notice the tjue in bold. You just use the tjue + number.

e.g 20 + 3 = tjue + tre = tjuetre.

You can use the same technique for any other range of numbers.

e.g 40 + 6 = førti + seks = førtiseks.

Also note that,

101 = 100 and 1 = hundre og en.

Here’s a video to help you listen and learn Norwegian numbers. To get more such video lessons instantly, please visit Norwegian Class 101.

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5 Replies to “Let’s Learn Some Numbers in Norwegian”

    1. Thanks for reading, Gareth.

      ‘Syv’ is an “older” way of saying 7 in Norwegian. But both ‘syv’ and ‘sju’ are correct. You can use any of them.

      1. Hi there,
        I am beginning my journey with Norsk. I have a few questions, kan
        You guys have discussed sju, but I also encountered similar duality with the tjue/tyve – the latter I got from my friend living in Oslo. Is it also the ‘older’ version of tjue? My friend also translated 24 as tyve og fire. However, in an Ylvis video (summer finner vi frem, around 2:40) there is something that sounds like firetyvetusen. I got to admit I am tad confused.
        Kan du vær så still og hjelp meg?

        1. Hi OlafCh,

          Personally I try to stick with what I am comfortable with. I use tjue and it’s completely fine.

          Yes I think tyve is an old form and means the same.

          Fire og tyve tusen means twenty four thousand.

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