Free Guide To The Official Norwegian Tests

[UPDATE]: Since 2014, the Norsk Prøve 2 and Norsk Prøve 3 tests have been replaced with a newer online Norsk Prøve (A1-A2, B1-B2) test. To read more about these tests, head over to:   The purpose of this post is to help you understand about the official tests available for the Norwegian language. Even if … Read more

Learn About Schooling in Norwegian

Most people including myself have fond memories of their days in school. Did you have a good experience in your school days? Maybe you could comment how the schooling in your country was different than mentioned below. Here is a bit of a comparison between how schooling is conducted in India as well as Norway. … Read more

Learn About Health in Norwegian

Most Norwegians take things seriously when it comes to their health. Most of them consume lots of vegetables in the form of salads. They also enjoy eating berries and fruits. Many Norwegians are physically active in a sport or exercises like walking, running, skiing, cycling, etc. Below are some Norwegian words about health that you … Read more