Learn How To Say The Dates In Norwegian

Here is now we say the dates of the month in Norwegian. Norwegian English  1. første First  2. andre Second  3. tredje Third  4. fjerde Fourth  5. femte Fifth  6. sjette Sixth  7. sjuende Seventh  8. åttende Eighth  9. niende Ninth  10. tiende Tenth  11. ellevte Eleventh  12. tolvte Twelfth  13. trettende Thireenth  14. fjortende … Read more

Learn About Weather In Norwegian

Below are some Norwegian words for weather that will help to increase your Norwegian vocabulary. Norwegian English  vær weather  årstider seasons  et år a year  en måned a month  ei uke a week  en dag a day  høst autumn  vinter winter  vår spring  sommer summer  regn rain  snø snow  sol sun  vind wind And now … Read more