Some Norwegian Nouns You Will Find in The Classroom

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To improve your Norwegian vocabulary, here are some Norwegian nouns you will find in the classroom.

Norwegian English
 en blyant
a pencil
 en penn
a pen
 en svamp
a duster
 en ransel
a rugsack
 en pult
a desk
 en stol
a chair
 en PC
a PC
 en overheadprojektor
an overhead projector
 en lærer
a teacher
 en elev
a student
 ei matpakke
a lunch pack
 ei bok
a book
 ei tekstbok
a text book
 ei skrivebok
a note book
 ei tavle
a black board
 et kritt
a chalk
 et kart
a map
 et pennal
a compass box
 et viskelær
an eraser
 et bord
a table

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