Some Norwegian Phrases You Can Use At School

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Here are some interesting Norwegian phrases. These will be especially useful if you are attending any Norwegian classes or have a Norwegian tutor.

Norwegian English
 Vi skal arbeide med spørsmål og svar.
We will work with questions and answers.
 Han skriver i skriveboka.
He writes in the writing book.
 Hun ser i tekstboka på side 50.
She sees in the textbook on page 50.
 Kan du finne oppgave 2 på side 10?
Can you find exercise 2 on page 10?
 Unnskyld, jeg forstår ikke.
Excuse me, I did not understand.
 Kan du gjenta?
Can you repeat?
 Jeg skal snakke sakte.
I shall speak slowly.
 Nå er det pause.
Now it is recess.
 Nå skal vi ha lytteøving.
Now we shall have listening practice.
 Her er kopier.
Here are copies.
 Skal du gjøre lekser?
Shall you do lessons?
 Du må lære norsk.
You must learn Norwegian.
 Vil du ha en blyant?
Will you have a pencil?
 Jeg kan snakke litt norsk.
I can speak a little Norwegian.

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