Talk About Your House in Norwegian

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Norwegians love to build a good house. They say that since they spend a lot of time at home so they prefer to make their house as beautiful as possible. And they spend a lot of time and effort in doing so.

We have Learnt Some Norwegian Words for Things Around the House and also How To Say Where You Live in Norwegian.

Let’s learn how to talk about your house in Norwegian.

Norwegian English
Du: Hvor bor du Per?

Per: Jeg bor i sentrum.
You: Where do you live Per?

Per: I live in the city.

Du: Bor du i leilighet?

Per: Ja, jeg bor i en leilighet.
You: Do you live in an apartment?

Per: Yes, I live in an apartment.

Du: Er den gammel?

Per: Nei, den er ny og moderne.
You: Is it old?

Per: No, it is new and modern.

Du: Liker du å bo i leiligheten?

Per: Ja, det gjør jeg.
You: Do you live to live in the apartment?

Per: Yes, I do.

Du: Er det dyrt å bo i sentrum?

Per: Ja, det er dyrt.
You: Is it expensive to live in the city?

Per: Yes, it is expensive.

Per: Bor du i en leilighet?

Du: Nei, jeg bor i enebolig.
Per: Do you live in an apartment?

You: No, I live in a detached house.

Per: Er den stor?

Du: Nei, den er liten.
Per: Is it big?

You: No, it is small.

Du: Er leiligheten din stor?

Per: Ja, den er stor.
You: Is your apartment big?

Per: Yes, it is big.

Du: Hvor mange rom er det?

Per: Det er tre soverom, et bad og ei stue.
You: How many rooms er there?

Per: There are three bedrooms, one bathroom and one living room.

Per: Og i eneboligen din?

Du: Det er to soverom, to bad, stue og kjøkken.
Per: And in your detached house?

You: There are to bedrooms, to bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

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