Tell About Your Family in Norwegian

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We already added lots of Norwegian words about the family to our vocabulary when we Learnt About Family Members in Norwegian.

Now it’s time to tell your Norwegian friends more about your family.

Norwegian English
Familien min bor i India.
My family lives in India.
Jeg har ei søster.
I have a sister.
Søstera mi er yngre enn meg.
My sister is younger than me.
Mora mi er husmor.
My mother is a housewife.
Faren min er pensionist.
My father is retired.
Søstera mi arbeider som lærer.
My sister works as a teacher.
Jeg er ikke gift.
I am not married.
Jeg har two søskenbarn.
I have to cousins.
En kusine og en fetter.
One (female)cousin and one (male)cousin.
Begge to er gift.
Both are married.
Jeg har to nevøer.
I have two nephews.
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