The Curious Case of Comparison With The Adjective Liten

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We have seen that the Norwegian adjective liten is a bit special because it changes a bit based on the gender of the noun and changes completely in the bestemt entall and flertall forms as shown below.

Entall (Singular) Flertall (Plural) 
Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite) Ubestemt (Indefinite) Bestemt (Definite)
en liten(small) bil
den lille bilen
mange små biler
de små bilene
ei lita(small) veske
den lille veska
mange små vesker
de små veskene
et lite(small) hus
det lille huset
mange små hus
de små husene


Here is how we can use the adjective liten for comparisons. You can learn using norwegian adjectives for comparison.

Positiv Komparativ Superlativ

Bilen min er liten.

Veska mi er lita.

Huset mitt er lite.

Bilen min er mindre enn din.

Veska mi er mindre enn di.

Huset mitt er mindre enn ditt.

Bilen min er minst.

Veska mi er minst.

Huset mitt er minst.

Bilene mine er små.

Veskene mine er små.

Husene mine er små.

Bilene mine er mindre enn dine.

Veskene mine er mindre enn dine.

Husene mine er mindre enn dine.

Bilene mine er minst.

Veskene mine er minst.

Husene mine er minst.
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3 Replies to “The Curious Case of Comparison With The Adjective Liten”

  1. Interesting project!
    Plural “små” comes from the Old Norse root, “smár”, obviously related to English “small”.
    Even in English, “little” and “small” overlap.
    “Den lille gutten” now sounds old-fashioned, instead we use “den vesle gutten” in definite form, from Old Norse root “vesall”.
    You foreign students really know how to point out inconsistencies that we “natives” have never thought about!

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