Can You Tell About A City You Like?

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Norwegian English
Kan du fortelle om en by du liker?
Can you tell about a city you like?
Byen jeg liker er Oslo.
The city I like is Oslo.
Jeg liker det fordi det er fredelig.
I like it because it is peaceful.
Det er mange trær i Oslo.
There are a lot of trees in Oslo.
Reise er lett i Oslo.
Travel is easy in Oslo.
Menneskene er vennlige.
The people are friendly.
Det er mange butikker her.
There are many shops here.
Jeg liker å jobbe i Oslo.
I like to work in Oslo.
Det er lett å sykle her.
It is easy to ride a bicycle here.
Luften i Oslo er ren.
The air in Oslo is clean.
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