How to Introduce Yourself in Norwegian

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OK, now that you know the Norwegian pronunciation let’s learn how to introduce yourself in Norwegian.


As you may have guessed, this means “Hi” in English. It’s a very common way of greeting your friends and colleagues in Norway. It’s used even more than a “Good morning”.


 Jeg heter Kevin.

This roughly means, “I am called Kevin”. You can use this phrase to introduce yourself to any Norwegian person.

Norwegian English
Jeg I
heter called


 Hva heter du?

Now that you have introduced yourself, you want to ask the other person his/her name. The above question means “What are you called?”

Norwegian English
Hva What
heter called
du You


 Hyggelig å treffe deg!

You say that “It was nice to meet you!”.

Norwegian English
Hyggelig Nice
 å treffe to meet
deg You


 I like måte!

This means “Same to you!” or “Likewise!”. This is a bit tricky to pronounce because here the ‘k’ in ‘like’ is pronounced as ‘g’ in English. And the ‘t’ in ‘måte’ is pronounced as ‘d’ in English.

Norwegian English
I In
 like Same
måte Way


 Jeg kommer fra India.

This means “I come from India”. Notice how similar this sentence is to English. It is useful to try and create Norwegian sentences based on what you know from English.

Norwegian English
Jeg I
kommer Come
fra From


 Hvor kommer du fra?

In reply you ask “Where do you come from?”.

Norwegian English
Hvor Where
kommer Come
du You
fra From


Learning these basic sentences is all you need to introduce yourself to your Norwegian friends and colleagues. And believe me they will be impressed with your Norwegian!

Below is a video from Norwegian Class 101 that shows a native Norwegian speaker saying some of these sentences.

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39 Replies to “How to Introduce Yourself in Norwegian”

  1. Hello,

    This site is very helpful. Thank you!
    I have a question!

    witch is the oftener or better or what is the different?:

    Hyggelig å treffe deg!

    Hyggelig å møte deg!

    I like måte!

    i lige måde!


    1. Hi Peter,

      Both “Hyggelig å treffe deg” and “Hyggelig å møte deg” are similar so you can use any of them.

      “I like måte” is the correct sentence. It is pronounced as “i lige måde” in Norwegian.

  2. ….and when i would like to say ‘like, liker, likte..’ i alway have to say with ‘g’ as ‘lige’ or just in this sentence?

  3. hi guys, I think “I lige måde” might be Danish. I’ve noticed that p, t, k in Norwegian are b, d, g in Danish…

    Just an idea…

    1. I have actually looked into this before. It is commonly used in Norwegian as confirmed by native Norwegian friends, however it is definitely a Danish phrase. When I quizzed my friends on what the individual words meant, they were baffled and couldn’t tell me. They are Danish words meaning “in right way”, in that respective order.

  4. hi Kevin takk for at jeg fikk bli med denne ene jeg er veldig takknemlig for at jeg kan lære norsk for gratis Thanks GOD BLESS

  5. tusen takk Kevin for your time.. i didnt have time to read much but im back again.. you are doing great job. thank you for that

  6. Jeg er veldig lykkelig med dette leksjon!! Tusen takk kevin!! Jeg elsker maten du laer norsk!! Gratulasjon

  7. Hi Kevin, thank you for the lessons, I’ve had a conversation with my dad (he is from Andoya near Bleik) and they don’t use the word “Hyggelig” could it be that there is another way to say “Nice to meet you” ?

  8. Hi Kevin, thank you for the lessons. I’m wondering if say hyggelig å hilse på deg would also be a way of saying nice to meet you?

    1. Hi Regina,

      Hyggelig å møte deg.
      Hyggelig å treffe deg.

      These two have a literal meaning of “Nice to meet you”.

      å hilse – to greet

  9. Hi! This is amazing, I’m really exited about this. I’m from Colombia so my native language is Spanish, I think I can learn from en English I’ll not be easy but It doesn’t matter, when you want, you can.
    Thanks Kevin!

  10. Heei, Kevin! Tussen takk for deg leksjoner! Jeg er fra Romania og jeg studerer norsk på universitetet. Jeg kan sier at norsk er litt vanskelig på begynnelse, men det er veldig grei og spennende! :p
    Lykke til! Fortsett det gode arbeidet! 😉

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