Learn Some Colors In Norwegian

Here are a few words to help you learn to say colors in Norwegian. Norwegian  Farge Color  Rød Red  Grønn Green  Blå Blue  Gul Yellow  Svart Black  Hvit White  Lilla Purple  Oransje Orange  Grå Grey  Brun Brown Here is a game to learn the colors. And a video to help you learn the colors in… Read More »

Learn Norwegian Words For Things Around The House

Here are some words to add to your Norwegian vocabulary. This time they are words for things you find in and around the house. Norwegian English  i et rom in a room  i et hus in a house  i en hage in a garden  et soverom a bedroom  ei seng a bed  et skap a… Read More »

How To Say Where You Live In Norwegian

Let’s start off with some Norwegian words to help your vocabulary. These will help you tell your Norwegian friends where you live. Norwegian English  i byen in the city  i et land in a country  i et hus in a house  i en enebolig in a cottage/bungalow  i et rekkehus in a row house  i… Read More »

Some Norwegian Nouns You Will Find in The Classroom

To improve your Norwegian vocabulary, here are some Norwegian nouns you will find in the classroom. Norwegian English  en blyant a pencil  en penn a pen  en svamp a duster  en ransel a rugsack  en pult a desk  en stol a chair  en PC a PC  en overheadprojektor an overhead projector  en lærer a teacher… Read More »

Learn About Norwegian Helping Verbs

A verb tells something about what is happening or the action taken. Associated with a verb is the tense of the verb. Norwegian verbs can use one of four tenses: presens, preteritum, futurum and perfektum. If you are new to Norwegian verbs, please read: Learn About Verbs in Norwegian Part 1 Learn About Verbs in Norwegian… Read More »