A Conversation At Your Norwegian Class

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The best way to learn Norwegian is to attend a Norwegian class. You get to learn from your teacher and you meet other students who are learning the language as well. And there is no better way to learn Norwegian than to listen, speak, read and write.

We have learnt Some Norwegian Nouns You Will Find in The Classroom and also Some Norwegian Phrases You Can Use At School.

Let’s look at a conversation that usually takes place at a Norwegian class.

Norwegian English
Lærer: God morgen!

Elever: God morgen!
Teacher: Good morning!

Students: Good morning!

Lærer: Vi skal studere adjektive i dag.

Lærer: Se i tekstboka på side 10.
Teacher: We shall study adjectives today.

Teacher: See in the textbook on page 10.

Lærer: Kan alle finne oppgave 3 på side 10?

En elev: Unnskyld, kan du gjenta?

Lærer: Ja, det kan jeg.
Teacher: Can all find exercise 3 on page 10?

One student: Excuse me, can you repeat?

Teacher: Yes, that I can.

Lærer: Du skal skrive svar på dette spørsmålet.

En elev: Unnskyld, jeg forstår ikke.

Lærer: OK, jeg skal snakke sakte.
Teacher: You shall write answer to this question.

One student: Excuse me, I did not understand.

Teacher: OK, I will speak slowly.

Lærer: Vi skal ha lytteøving i 10 minutter.

Lærer: Etterpå skal vi ha pause i 15 minutter.
Teacher: We shall have listening exercise for 10 minutes.

Teacher: Afterwards, we shall have a break for 15 minutes.

En elev: Hva betyr “bestemt”?

Lærer: Det betyr “definite” på engelsk.
A student: What does “bestemt” mean?

Teacher: It means “definite” in English.

Elever: Takk for i dag! Ha det bra.

Lærer: Ha det bra.
Students: Thank you for the day! Bye.

Teacher: Bye.

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